ianuarie 19, 2009

easy peasy lemon squeezy

“You know that is snowing on the street where I'm freezing?”
Said the girl to her mother and suddenly started sneezing.
“I know you're not wearing a hat or a coat
Cuz’ I can feel in my ear that you're a little bit cold”
“It's snowing, it's snowing, please concentrate a bit
I'll send you an e-mail with photos and a print
I'll draw you the winter, the snow, and the feeling…”
“You mustn't worry for that”, the mother replied
“Your schedule is so busy and you will…”
“Please mother, don’t start! Your foresight is denied!”
They both burst into laughter. The winter was still there:
the pretty cold and the dazzling snow layer.
They continued to talk over phone about exams and other cold troubles
This made the snowflakes grow bigger, similar to bubbles.
“We better talk later and when I’m inside
I’m afraid this snowing is not that easy peasy lemon squeezy!”
(The mother started to laugh, and send her girl a big imaginary hug)
“You’re right; we started to sound a little bit cheesy”.

10 comentarii:

  1. a demon inside! unu care scrie poezii :)

  2. poetescu...tot andrei17:53:00

    i know you're not wearing a hat or a coat,

    rowing down the river in your small yellow boat

    thinking about your favorite quote,

    while trying to see what the little lady wrote.

  3. nick hornby mi sa pare ca a scris Turnul sinucigasilor. faina cartea. interesanta. adica perspectiva e ok. ce ai mai citit de el?

  4. andrei tot andrei rămâne şi mai ales drăguţ când se vede cu lady mai răruţ

    high fidelity, speaking with the angel şi fever pitch

    nick hornby e bărbat, chiar şi fără păr :)

  5. eu ma refream la mintea ta de ceai

  6. Anonim22:39:00

    nebunii din las vegas.

  7. cumva să ştii, desene, e ceai de lunatică

    evident, mircea popescu, nu suntem într-o poezie, ce-ţi veni?

    chaos, tu crezi că noi, oamenii, avem nevoie de vacanţe dese?

  8. Anonim23:50:00

    o vacanță prelungă și un hamac prescurt.